Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Author, Sabotage Guru

Why Work With Me?

I learned at a young age the benefit of setting a goal, setting intention and clearing out anything that Got in the Way of the goal. As a professional I have learned how to use the same skills and principals to acheive higher status at work and in my own business.

Not only did I learn at a young age about goals I learned that sometimes you have a bigger calling on your life but you are unsure of what to do.  You know you are meant to do more or something different but you are unsure of how to get there. How about you start working towards your goal yet everything seems to get in your way.

Which Service is Right for me?

Mental Health Counseling

Do you find yourself having several days in a row where it’s hard to get going or even get out of bed? Do you find yourself struggling with anxious thoughts or anxiety? Did you experience childhood trauma that is impacting your current life and relationships? If you answered yes to any of those questions than Mental Health Therapy might be a fit for you.

EMDR Consultation

Are you seeking EMDR certification? Or even just a consult about a case? I am an Approved Consultant and can provide case consultation as well as consultation towards certification and Approved Consultant Status. 

Mental Health Consultation

Are you seeking licensure and need supervision hours? I am Licensed and can provide supervision for those seeking licensure in Indiana. 


This is for general consultations related to finding your purpose, setting goals, getting unstuck, or Getting Out of Your Own Way. 

Self Sabotage is one of the biggest road blocks to sucess and living the lives we desire. On Average we spend 60% of our day thinking about and doubting our potential.





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